Poetry of Kansas

Kansas Mine.

O Kansas, thou art mine;
O Kansas, I am thine;
    Thy love I claim.
Thou land of joy and light;
Thou land where right is might;
Thou land that's ever bright
    With honest fame.
Thy very name is dear
Unto my loyal ear,
    And sweet it sounds.
I love to see that name;
It gleams with holy flame;
Its glory all proclaim
    Within thy bounds.
I love thy prairies wide,
Thy fertile soil, well tried,
    Thy rolling plains;
Thy corn, whose verdant sheen
O'er rolling miles is seen;
And waving fields, all green,
    Of smaller grains.
Thy groves and vine-made bowers;
Thy wild and lavish flowers,
    Give me delight;
Thy streams where thick woods grow,
And mirrored limbs below
Move gently to and fro,
    Entrance my sight.
O Kansas, Kansas mine,
Thou evermore shalt shine
    With radiance bright,
Like polar star on high,
The guide post of the sky;
And all shall turn the eye
    To catch thy light.

__John Edward Everett.

Quillings in Verse
(Smith Center: 1912)
Pages 9-10

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