Kansas Girl

by Lisa Edmondson
As wholesome as the baby chick
That lingered in your hand
Were your early moments spent
Upon a Kansas farmer's land.
Your family worked the fertile earth,
Each member standing strong,
But dreams of love swept you away
When plowing day was done.
My ginger locks were wild
Like the wicked Kansas wind
That rippled through your raven hair
As springtime settled in.
I searched through pastures far and wide
To find you near the hay,
And when I gazed upon your face,
You stole my heart away.
We married in the county seat,
Then tilled an earnest field,
And planted seeds of family
To strengthen and to shield.
Our bond withstood the winter chill,
The sultry summer heat,
It thrived like sturdy Kansas corn,
And danced like autumn wheat.
Our crops of love came in on time,
The harvest always sound,
Our children bloomed as lofty stalks
From roots in tended ground.
We traveled as the days grew short,
We laughed and sang and played,
And hand in hand we walked through life
Together, unafraid.
Then one dark day they told you
That I'd have to leave your side,
So you carried me as dusk set in,
Until the dawn arrived.
You've toiled in my field of pain
As I'd have done for you,
And I don't know how you managed,
But you've stayed to see it through.

Our trials will be over
When I draw my final breath,
And I must walk without you
As I plod the path of death.
But in this world, I'll leave
The fruitful garden that we bore,
And as you keep it nourished,
It will bloom forever more.
Continue on, my dearest one
In sunshine and in rain,
As I await the precious day
When we shall meet again.
I'll greet you in a field of gold
And stand with arms unfurled,
To hold you through eternity,
My lovely Kansas girl.

Copyright 1997 By L. Edmondson.
All Rights Reserved.
Used by Permission
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