Poetry of Kansas

Oh, For A Breeze From Kansas.

Oh, for a breeze from Kansas,
Where the south wind skips and dances
So light o'er the grass as she tarries to pass
With a smile and merriest of glances.
Oh, for a breeze of the prairies,
A gentle breeze that tarries,
And comes along with the meadow-lark's song,
Enchanted breath from the fairies.
Oh, for a breeze that's laden
With a fragrance pure as the maiden
Who gallops and goes, and plucks the wild rose,
As sweet as the vineyards of Baden.
Oh, for a breeze that freshens,
That takes away depressions,
That cools your brow as it only knows how,
And leaves such sweet impressions.
A breeze from the West, I pine,
Instilled with the Northern shine,
Mixed with Southern breeze that September sees,
To give it a tang of muscadine.

__Frank A. Keefover.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 107

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