Poetry of Kansas

Kansas As It Is.

Kansas is a noted state,
      With many thriving towns,
But like all other states, you know,
      She has her ups and downs.
Kansas yet is young in years,
      But not ashamed of her acres tilled;
Nor of the stock she sends abroad;
      Nor of her cribs, her corn has filled.
She's rich in mines of zinc and lead;
      And coal is found of every hue,
Her gypsum mills grind up her rocks,
      That makes your old land new.
Her schools are good as can be found
      In any other place
Old teachers have to scratch around
      To keep themselves in pace
Our boys sixteen are bound to win__
      They'll head them in the race.
Her soil is sought, I do aver,
      By thirty states, or more,
And foreigners, from every port,
      Have landed on her shore,
Of all the states that ere have been,
      Since we from Britain's yoke was free,
The state of Kansas leads the van,
      As you will plainly see.

__Anna A. Wright.

More Truth Than Poetry
Anna A. Wright
(Chicago: W. S. Battis & Co. 1884)
Pages 28-29

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