Poetry of Kansas


"Four hundred miles long, eight thousand miles deep, and reaches to
the stars."__JOHN A. ANDERSON.

'Tis not her cribs of yellow corn,
   Her bursting bins of golden wheat,
Her meadows gemmed at break of morn,
   Her prairies buttercupped and sweet;
Her pastures spotted o'er with kine,
   Her knolls and ridges white with sheep,
Her favored spots where shaft and mine
   Bid boundless treasure wake from sleep.
'T is not in what we trade for gold,
   In things appraised by bulk or weight,
Not in the purchased or the sold,
   Thy lasting glory lies, O State.
Thou hast a history engraved
    Upon the pyramids of time;
 The prophet sees thy future, paved
    Perhaps with thorns, yet still sublime.
The brave, the true, the wise, the good,
    Inspired by thee have made their stare
 Their manhood and their womanhood
   In turn have made thy record grand.
Young men of Kansas, let there be
    No faltering where those heroes trod,
 Though freed from rum and slavery
   This land must still be won for God.
Be firm, courageous, valiant, true,
   Let others falter if they must.
The State expectant looks to you;
   Be faithful to her sacred trust.
Where siren snares are laid for youth,
   Where blackest sin wears brightest gloss,
Unmask deception, herald truth,
   Unfurl the banner of the cross.
Go home and let the whole world feel
 That Kansas is ablaze again;
Young men of wisdom, tact and zeal
   Are marching forth to save young men.

* Read before the State Convention of Young Men's Christian Associations, at
Lawrence, Kas., October 30, 1892.

__Harry E. Mills.

The Sod House in Heaven
Harry E. Mills
(Topeka, Kansas.: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1892)
Pages 79-81

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