(A Recitation)


Would you like to hear me say
My lesson in geography?
Listen, then, while I begin it;
I can give you all that's in it;
Ever word I want to tell–
Teacher says I know it well.

Kansas! born amid the strife
Menacing a Nation's life,
In the crimson tide baptized–
Blood of martyrs' sacrificed–
Struggling, battling, growing strong
In her ceaseless strife with wrong,
Yielding never in the fight
Till the victory of right,
Kansas stands among her mates
One of these United States;
North, Nebraska State is found,
Missouri is her eastern bound
South, the Nation greets our eyes,
And Colorado westward lies.

Time would fail to speak her praises,
Tell her worth and what she raises;
Corn and cotton, grains and grasses,
Peanuts, castor-beans, molasses,
Fruit of all kinds, nuts, persimmons,
Gallant men and handsome women.
To the stars through clouds she rises,
Conquering foes in all disguises;
Cyclones threaten desolation;
Flood and fire bring devastation;
Grasshoppers have tried to eat her;
Whisky rings would fain defeat her;
But, borne onward, upward ever,
May her banner waver never.

Maggie A. Kilmer, Sedan, Kansas


Barrington, F. H.
Kansas Day
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1892)

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