Poetry of Kansas


Jayhawker Juleps
(3rd Ed.)
J. M. Cavaness
(Chanute: Tribune Pub. Co. 1913)
Let Me Forget11
The Scarred Veteran12
untitled poem about gooseberries13
The Crop That Never Falls13
The Standard Octopus14
When Ma Puts Down Her Foot15
Tell Me Not16
The Optimist17
The Editor's Chair18
The Pessimist19
One by One20
The Tremulo Stop21
The Grouch21
Talking Thru a Wire22
The Devil Smiled23
Kansas Forever24
When Big Folks Come25
The Office Seeker26
See That Pharisee27
An O'er True Tale28
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip29
Do Not Chew Your Pill30
The Expansion of Woman31
It Has a Limit32
I Would Not Be a Boy Again33
The Modern Siloam34
Since I Have Lost My Cash35
Bowels and Brains36
La Grippe37
Next to Nature's Heart, But--39
What Came of It39
Man May Forget40
The Typo and His Pipe41
The Cost of It41
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard42
A Costly Painting43
A School of Patience44
The Ruling Passion45
A Chicken Pie45
The Man With a Pull47
Mother, Come Home48
The Mill of Life48
Vinegar Pie49
Rosa and Mary49
Old Twenty Per Cent50
Don't You Do It51
William and Jerry52
Pass a Resolution53
The Beauties of Gas54
I Knew It Would Rain54
Take Up the Printer's Burden55
Political Tiddle-de-winks56
Latter Day Logic56
Looking Backward57
The Same Old Love Story60
Boarding 'Round61
The Thanksgiving Gobbler63
Quit Your Grumbling64
The Jeffers Chorus65
Tell Me, Ye Kansas Winds67
A Psalm of Winter6S
Origin of Fashions69
To Dandle on Your Knee72
Build a Fence72
Monkey-Parrot Fight73
Away with Trouble73
That Little Hatchet74
The Right of Way74
Gen. Funston75
A Few Don'ts75
The Masses Not Asses76
Swat the Fly77
Forever on the Wag7S
The Case of Job79
Old Father Time79
Come, Sweet Harbinger80
The Preachers Have Come to Town82
The Baker Rubaiyat83
Jake and Jim81
Moderate Your Eating83
The Fall of the Mustache85
The Stages of a Fool84
Popping Corn86
Children Yet86
The Rummage Sale87
The Blues87
He Died of the Rheumatiz88
The Baker Rubaiyat89

Jayhawker Juleps
J. M. Cavaness
(Chanute: Tribune Pub. Co. 1913)

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