Stylized Sunflower  

 In Kansas

  Stylized Sunflower

      Oh, to be in Kansas once again!
In Kansas, where the tide of yellow wheat tosses like a sea,
And all the meadows are fragrant with the breath of ARCADY,
Where the bluestem nods, and the tall spires of timothy bend,
And stately banners of corn wave from serried ranks that have no end.

      Oh, to be in Kansas once again!
In Kansas, where at noon the cattle drowse in every shaded pool,
And rivers wind about as in a dream and flow through shadows cool,
Where a locust shrills from every hill, and myriad birds skim over
The sunlit fields, and golden bees hide in the deep red clover.

      Oh, to be in Kansas once again!
In Kansas where the earnest lives of men are silent prayers,
And the generous skies too large for common cares,
Where the heart beats warm with kindly human sympathy,
And faith is calm, and the days are rich with love's sweet mystery.

F. L. Pinet

Source:   State Dept of Education Booklet, 1967

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