Collection of Kansas Poetry

Compiled by Miss Hattie Horner
Topeka, Kansas
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This site contains the complete text of the book Collection of Kansas Poetry.
It was put online by John & Susan Howell and the Kansas State Library as a resource for teachers and students of 19th century Kansas literature.

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John Howell
Susan Howell
Jeff Hixon, Kansas State Library
Rhonda Machlan, Kansas State Library
Bob Walter, Pittsburg State University


Ellen P. Allerton
J.W.D Anderson
Mary L. Bard
Amanda Loman Bartholomew
Carl Brann
Arthur Graves Canfield
A.A.B. Caveness
E.P. Chittendon
E.J. Crego
Thomas Emmet Dewey
Ad. H. Gibson
Lillie H. Gilliland
Allen D. Gray
Mary Tenney Gray
Charles Moreau Harger
     Hattie Horner
Lillie H. Kellam
J. Lee Knight
Phillip Krohn
Mrs. E.S. Eaton Loomis
Frank A. Marshall
Joel Moody
Ellen Patton
Thomas Brower Peacock
Noble L. Prentis
William Haskell Simpson
Florence L. Snow
Eugene Ware
William A White
Kansas Symposium


Each of the pages in the book is shown in a box, and within the limitations of HTML we have tried to show the contents exactly as done in the orginal book. An exception was made in the case of the Introduction, where words separated by an end-of-line hyphen were rejoined and the lines allowed to wrap naturally. Also, in the index to authors section (pages iii-v) the page numbers are links which make them appear as underlined text in many browsers.
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