Poetry of Kansas

The Woman Speaks

I who toil in the market place
          As duty bids me go,
Would queen it in a cottage home
          Would bake and brew and sew.
Childish tongues that music make
          To this, my hungry heart,
Would play within my kingdom small
          A sweet, absorbing part.
Homely things like linen white
          Spread out beneath the sun
And bleaching on the fragrant grass
          Were weighty tasks well done.
Matter grave___full worthy thought
          Were casement curtains new,
And I should surely loop them back
          With dainty bands of blue.
I who finger tirelessly
          Wee, lettered keys all day,
Should like to press the wrinkles out
          And fold the wash away.
I who watch the columns grow
          Of profit or of loss,
Would till my roses where the winds
          A honeyed garden cross.
Mine the stranger's vapid fare
          And mine to dwell alone,
Who dream of winters glad and long
          Beside my own hearthstone.
Days like jewels on a string
          Unfold through shining years
And all the while my homing soul
          A secret summons hears.

__Maude DeVerse Newton.

Contemporary Kansas Poetry
Helen Rhoda Hoopes
Page 96
(Kansas City: Joseph D. Havens Company. 1927)

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