Poetry of Kansas

A New World

I dreamed God made this gray old world anew
        And named it perfect. As it left His hand
        He blessed it with His smile; the sea and land,
From mountain mass to tiny drop of dew,
Smiled back at Him again, and smiling grew
        Diviner even than the Lord had planned.
        And all was spread at happy man's command___
God's glorious light, the flowers' scent and hue,
Heaven's air, and myriads of birds in tune
        With all the world, and man in tune with them.
I dreamed, and I awoke, and lo! 'twas June,
        And at my head, rich clustering on their stem,
The roses shook their perfume over me
And gave their sweetness to the bumble bee.

__Marco Morrow

Contemporary Kansas Poetry
Helen Rhoda Hoopes
page 91
(Kansas City: Joseph D. Havens Company. 1927)

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