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  The Homes of Kansas

   by Sol Miller


The cabin homes of Kansas!
How modestly they stood,
Along the sunny hillsides,
Or nestled in the wood.
They sheltered men and women,
Brave-hearted pioneers;
Each one became a landmark
Of freedom's trial years.

The sod-built homes of Kansas!
Though built of mother earth,
Within their walls so humble
are souls of sterling worth.
Though poverty and struggle
May be the builder's lot,
The sod house is a castle
Where failures enters not.

The dugout homes of Kansas!
The lowliest of all,
They hold the homestead title
As firm as marble hall.
Those dwellers in the cavern,
Beneath the storms and snows,
Shall make the desert places
To blossom as the rose.

The splendid homes of Kansas!
How proudly they stand
Amid the fields and orchards,
All o'er the smiling land.
They rose up where the cabins
Once marked the virgin soil,
And are the fitting emblems
Of patient years of toil.

God bless the homes of Kansas!
From poorest to the best;
The cabin of the border,
The sod house of the west;
The dugout, low and lonely,
The mansion, grand and great;
The hands that laid their hearthstones
Have built a mighty State.
Source: Kansas in Literature
William Herbert Carruth   -   1900

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