Poetry of Kansas


Silence, mystic goddess of the night,
With tranquil brow, adorned in beauty
What sweet and healing balm is in thy face,
To give tired hearts a new strength-giving grace!
Thy presence gives us solace and relief,
Becalms our wildest joy___assuages grief.
So calm and beautiful, composed, serene,
It makes a heaven out of any scene.
Away from men, and all discordant sounds,
Alone with thee, what solemn peace abounds!
Above, the mighty stars revolve in space,
And earthly scenes draw beauty from thy face.
Majestic, mystic goddess from above
Imbue our hearts with a diviner love,
Inspire our minds to greater wisdom so
We know our highest duty here below.

__Gertrude Crumb Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Page 344

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