Poetry of Kansas

The Green And The Gold.

The breeze across the hills of morn
    Is fair and fresh and sweet;
Green are the fields of waving corn,
    And gold the fields of wheat.
Those leagues of lustrous green enfold
    A hope, whereon we build;
And those proclaim__these leagues of gold__
    A prophecy fulfilled.
They hint, they tell, that all is well
    In all the splendid land;
They promise bounty, full and free,
    As from a kingly hand.
Around the burnished yellow squares
    The busy reapers ply;
With whir and hum, they go and come,
    They wheel and hurry by.
From early morn to set of sun
    They speed, and gather in;
They seize and hold the harvest gold,
    To heap the harvest bin.
And many a deep and throbbing joy,
    And many a pleasure sweet,
Were never born but for the corn,
    and for the golden wheat.
__Andrew Downing.

Kansas In Literature__Part I. Poetry
Introduction by William Herbert Carruth
(Topeka: Crane & Co. 1900)
Page 107

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