Poetry of Kansas

Glory of Man.

The Work moved on, through countless ages past,
The mighty works of nature, ah so vast;
Then came the crowning work at last:
In the image of his maker, created was he,
Endued with life and immortality.
Man in his primeval state:
Pure, innocent, upright, sedate,
The glory the immaculate part,
Of all that matchless workmanship of art.
The earth, the sky, all the infinite hosts of Heaven,
For whom were created and to whom were given,
The sun, moon and stars, those fair celestial orbs of light,
Were made to light his pathway and guide his steps
The land, the sea and atmosphere above,
All conspire together to fill his heart with love.
Plants, flowers, birds, beasts, every living thing,
Unto their Lord no small degree of joy and comfort
Around and beneath him lie immense and priceless
Accumulated for his joys, his transports and his pleasures;
The rocky strata, the coal field, the mineral deposit,
All the priceless gems of earth,
Were created for him, long, long ere his birth.
Light, heat sound and electricity,
At his August presence bow the knee;
Mountain, valley, mine, sea sky, and plain
Are but the workshop
Of his many chambered brain.
Blest is he above every creature,
Upright in form, symmetrical in feature;
Blest, blest is he with the sovereignty of earth,
The Lord of creation by reason of his birth.

__Emory W. Justus.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 301

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