Poetry of Kansas

Our Friendship.

They say true friendship changeth not, 
      But grows and grows; 
Through chance, and time, and treacherous 
Though change of scene and change of lot, 
      Still changeless shows. 

If this be true, sure here is seen 
      Some great mistake! 
The friend of years no friend hath been, 
Else naught on earth could come between, 
      The bond to break. 

Am I, then, false? I meant no lie; 
      Yet nevermore 
With friendship on my lip, can I, 
As oft aforetime, seek thine eye, 
      Or cross thy door! 

Dost marvel why ? 'Tis quickly told.
      Here at thy feet 
I fling away our friendship old, 
Because henceforth our two hearts hold 
      A tie more sweet! 

I love thee! therefore can we be 
      No longer friends. 
Thou takest what I offer thee__
Thy whole heart's sweetness givest me. 
      So friendship ends. 

__Ellen P. Allerton. 

Annabel and Other Poems
Ellen P. Allerton
(New York: John B. Alden, Publisher. 1885)
Pages 82-83

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