Poetry of Kansas

The Rhyme Of The
Spanish Needle.

WHEN the sunflowers are a-dying on the hollow
          and the hill.
And the golden-rod is budding, kind of waiting
          like until
Frosty mornings have unfolded all its regimental
There's a little inter-regnum when the Spanish-
          needle blooms.
Now the nights are growing chilly and the morn-
          ings cool and calm,
And the days are sweet and sunny filled with
          Nature's pungent balm,
There's a rare intoxication in those aromatic
When the sunflower is a-dying and the Spanish-
          needle blooms.
There's a mist upon the meadow in these dreamy
          autumn days,
And the world is bathed at evening in an ame-
          thystine haze;
There's a joy in mere existence that the raptured
          soul consumes
When the golden-rod is budding and the Span-
          ish-needle blooms.
Oh, the fallow fields of autumn they are full of
          drifting gold!
And 'tis there I seek for treasure like a cavalier
          of old;
For the jewels of her sunsets, for her casket of
For the priceless joy of living when the Spanish-
          needle blooms.

__Albert Bigelow Paine.

Rhymes by Two Friends
Albert Bigelow Paine & William Allen White
(Fort Scott: M. L. Izor and Son. 1893)
Pages 131-132
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