Poetry of Kansas

The Maiden And The Prince.

THERE'S a half-forgotten story or the echo of a
That is tangled in the meshes of my mem'ry, and
          a throng
Of knights in jeweled armor pass in dignified
Across my fitful fancy, while, upon a palisade,
A wraith of regal radiance, illumes the legend
Of the maid behind the trellis and the prince
          who kissed her hair.
There's a glitter and a glamour in the telling of
          the tale,
And a golden thread of love is wrapt around the
          rugged mail,
Till its silky strands seem stronger than the woof
          of love we know,
As it shimmers in the sunshine on the hills of
          long ago.
And so lovers of these latter days look back with
          mute dispair
At the maid behind the trellis and the prince
          who kissed her hair.
Yet the lily lady's lover was a roisterer who
Many brutal bloody battles for the booty that
          they brought;
And his heart benumbed and callous, seared with
          passion could not feel
The perfumed breath of Love through Hope's
          enchanted chambers steal.
'Twas the halo of some poet's love that lit the
          fabled pair:
The maid behind the trellis, and the prince who
          kissed her hair.

__William Allen White.

Rhymes by Two Friends
Albert Bigelow Paine & William Allen White
(Fort Scott: M. L. Izor and Son. 1893)
Pages 209-210
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