Poetry of Kansas

How It Happened.

WHEN God was aglow with His work on the
     That stood on the structure of Faith,
He hewed out the Winter and lustily whirled
His hammer aloft, and with fancy unfurled
He dreamed out the Summer; then aS His lips
     In a smile (like a Heavenly wraith,)
His hands slowly fashioned the smile of His face,
     And wrought there the beautious thing
Unknown to the Worker who bent o'er the Place
Where Winter should be___full of joy at the grace
Of His dream;but at last, God beholding the
     Of His smile on the world___called it Spring.

__William Allen White.

Rhymes by Two Friends
Albert Bigelow Paine & William Allen White
(Fort Scott: M. L. Izor and Son. 1893)
Page 211
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