Poetry of Kansas


Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Stars In The Darkness1
In Mid-Sea2
Nothing is New3
"You First"4
The Little Man I Saw6
Down Deep8
Kansas Mine9
Back In Boyhood11
The Brave Little Wife14
The Best There Is15
My World17
A Cry from the Depths in a Day of Gloom18
Ability and Inclination19
The Lesson of The Graves20
Our Mary22
A Gloomy Day25
On Sea and Land26
How Life Seems at Forty27
Thought Flights29
Song of the Pancake Man30
My Shriveled Soul32
The Two Angels33
A Little Boy's Thanksgiving Sentiment34
Song of Fol-de-Rol34
A Student's Vision36
Not Gain, but Loss38
My Old Home40
A Memory42
A Man of Faith 
  I. In Blank Verse47
  II. In Rhyme48
My New Year Wish for You49
When Half Asleep51
A Song of Kansas Land53
The Stone in the Road56
Song of the Debauchee57
Song of the School Bell58
Philosophy of the Eye59
The Answered Prayer60
The News in Meadow Township63
Learning to Waltz70
The Old and the New72
J. R. E.73
The Yeller Little Feller74
The Craggy No-Kish75
Georgie and the Hatchet76
A Prisoner77
The Man Who Looked Like Me78
Two Smiles-Two Blooms80
Church Dedication Hymn82
My Snowbound83
Now And Then87
My Wife and I88
Then the Lord Will Fight Your Battles90
H. E. E.92
Mind or Matter94
A Course in Theology95
Z. C. E.97
The Wriggly, Giggly Girl98
Who Ever Promised You Ease?99
In the Spring101
Cheerful Moses Brown102
The Rain103
Growing Young104

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)

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