Poetry of Kansas

The End of Time.

I stood in the portals of the future,
   Where all will shortly tread:
Before was the living eternity,
   But backward old time was dead.
I looked for my friend in the spirit
   Where my friends in the flesh were seen,
And the graves of the Spirit were open,
   But the graves of the flesh were green.

I looked again in a vision__
   I looked again in my dreams,
Where the spirit only is living,
   Where reality is not what it seems.
For some do not live in the future,
   And many lie dead in the past,
And where we once looked for the angel
   The evil has conquered at last.

We look for the living behind us,
   We look for the dead on before,
But this is not so in the future,
   Where time shall be no more;
For the open represents the immortal,
   While the green with gloom o'ercast;
Open the graves of the spiritual,
   But green the graves of the past.

Before is the living angel,
   Behind is the work of sin;
Forward the joy of living,
   Backward where joys begin;
Live for the living in spirit,
   Die for the dead with time,
For the end of time is the beginning,
   Where life will be sublime.

I stood in the portals of heaven
   And looked backward on the earth:
I saw the place of my nativity,
   I saw the place of my birth;
I look again at the graves of the slain,
   Alas, old time had died,
And I without pain was born again
   And eternity stood at my side.

__James S. Jennings.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 53-54

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