Poetry of Kansas

Mother's Day


Mother dear, this white Carnation
    Is a symbol of our love,
For the only kind dear Mother
    In this life a child can have,
With the Purity of this flower Mother
    Comes to us a lesson true
Of our childhood happy days,
    While at home with you.

Touch the harp strings gently,
    This is, "Mother's Day,"
We consecrate and keep Holy
    Each second Sabbath day of May.
Let our memories be sacred
    Though their graves are far away,
For the legacy they left us
    Is our first "Mother's Day."

In the dim and pathless forest
    Where the oaks their branches spread
The Creator of the universe
    Heard the words our Mothers said,
And the Hymns that floated skyward
    Across the western plains,
Echoed back in sweet devotion
    To the sod house on the claim.

To loving keep and beautiful
    From where the pine trees grow,
To away down south in Dixie
    Where the flowers ever bloom,
From the rocks of proud Atlantic
    Where the tempest flings its spray,
To the sun-kissed mild Pacific,
    Millions keep "Mother's Day."

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 5

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