Poetry of Kansas

A Dry Weather Shower

Did you ever live in Kansas along in summer time
When thermometers commence to jump instead of slowly
A cloud would show up in the south and cover half
the sky;
We'd gamble it would surely rain, we'd think it was
no lie.
We'd hustle in the new mown hay, we'd roll the rain
barrel out,
And tubs we'd gather from the shed to place beneath
the spout;
We'd gather in our new hatched chicks for fear that
they might drown;
And when we'd finished we would wait to watch the
rain come down.
The wind would come in fitful gusts, our windows then
we'd close,
And Ma would holler to us kids "Come in, you'll wet
your clothes."
And then we'd stand and wait for it to splash against
the pane;
It was a regular Kansas shower without one drop of
Kansas Land
Carlton Everett Knox
(Kansas City: Walkenhorst Printing Co. 1917)

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