Poetry of Kansas


The West is now blooming
    In the produce of earth,
While business is booming
    And shows up its real worth.
Its long unknown treasures
    Are being sought out,
Its hardships are pleasures,
    For they make us a' stout.
We but tickle the earth
    And its wealth does unfold,
Its thirties, its sixties,
    And oft its hundred fold.
More men to inherit
    The land, here we claim,
Of good rank and merit,
    Or whatever the name.
Its wealthiest storage
    Is slumbering still,
Waiting men of courage
    Who will take to their fill.
Its valleys, its rivers
    And its every plain,
Are good for industries
    Offering you gain.
We invite every man
    For his home, here to stay,
Since the barbarous clan
    Has given us the sway.
We want men of money,
    And we want men of brains;
These we choose to all others m
    Who would take here their claims.
If the poor, though, should wish
    Here our fortunes to share,
He can feast on the weal
    Of our land everywhere.
"It flows now With honey"
    And the richest viands;
If you have not the money,
    Pick them up with your hands.
As we thus do receive,
    In copious supplies,
We should never more grieve
    Of our lot if we're wise.
We will meet every odd
    That may stand in our way,
With our thoughts turned to God,
    Who alone guides the way.
And never grow weary,
    Nor complain of our ills;
If a few clouds are dreary,
    The sun shines ever still.
Thus our green garden State,
    Then anon we would laud;
For its good over others
    We may justly be proud.

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Pages 10-12

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