Poetry of Kansas


Thou bright star of splendor___
    Though not from the east
In rich glowing beauty
    E'er didst thou appear,___
But arose from the west,
    Through deep seas of blood,
Where thy Jove-like splendor
    Pours its grand golden flood.
Bright gem of Liberty,
    Born mid the flame
When heroes gave battle
    To preserve her a name;
When a continent trembled
    And convulsed in its throes,
This Giant for freedom
    From out it arose.
All aflame in the cause
    To which she was given,
She preserves yet the names
    Of her martyrs in heaven;
While the flag of the free
    Still waves in its pride,
And ever will wave
    And with her abide.
Not the clanking of chains,
    Nor the thraldom of slaves
'Neath the sun that shines down
    On the yet'rans' green graves;
No burdensome yoke
    "Nor the crack of the lash"
Can be felt or be heard
    "In the substitute cash."
We breathe the fond air___
    This our brave, haughty boast,
The freeman had sung
    Years ago in his toast___
The air that has never
    Cooled the sweat on a slave,
Nor been tarnished at all
    By the breath that he gave.
All bright with the splendor
    Of her birth, yet she gleams;
Unfaded by time,
    Still her brilliancy streams
In rich golden beauty
    Down from the blue dome,
That bright constellation___
    Our Nation___our Home.
And ever we trust
    On that banner we love,
The blest name of Kansas
    Shall point us above,
Shall crown each great triumph
    And be first in the cause
Of Truth, Right, and Freedom,
    In Justice and Laws.

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Pages 9-10

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