Poetry of Kansas

The Demands Of The Day

I go to the airport even though
I am neither departing
nor arriving. It's a small
terminal with twelve gates
and flight crews lamenting
being stuck in this town
for the night. One of them,
optimistic in her life, says,
"We'll find some fun."
I stay long enough to
look at the magazines,
watch a couple of planes
take off into a low, overcast
sky and see people carry,
pull or drop their luggage
how they embrace or kiss
each other, the regret
or relief on faces after
goodbye. I am an unknown
and security gets suspicious.
I leave the terminal, find
the car and drive to my bank
where everyone knows my name
and even sing "Happy Birthday" to me
on the right day because I
told them, half kidding.
I come here because I have needs
that are met and the demands
on my day disappear with each smile.
I am not afraid, thank God, of these people.

__Michael Poage
© 2001

god won't overlook us
a book of poems by
Michael Poage
(Lawrence: Penthe Publishing. 2001)
Used by permission
October 9, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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