Poetry of Kansas

The Wanderer

I have come back to my own again, to my own familiar place;
To the peace and quiet I left behind, in this little circled space.
I have warmed my hands at the friendly blaze of many a home
"At last," they say "he has come to stay___at last he is satis-
But there is a call in the wind tonight, and it will not let me be,
And well I know I must rise and go whenever it comes to me.
My feet are stayed in the pleasant ways, my heart is a thing at
For me there is neither north nor south, there is neither east
        nor west.
And out of a very thankfulness the spirit in me sings
For all the comfort I find each day in simple and homely things.
But there is a moan in the wind tonight, like the surge of the
        western sea,
And it's I that know I must rise and go whenever it calls to me.
The west with its wide and open charm, the east with its days
        that were,
The fragrant south with its jasmine bloom, the north, with its
        spicy fir, ___
They have captured my fancy, each in turn, and held me a little
But the feet turn back to the beaten paths when it comes to the
        last long mile,
Yet there is a voice in the wind tonight, and the gray road
        opens free,
And tomorrow I know I shall rise and go wherever it beckons

__Ester M. (Clark) Hill.


The Call of Kansas and Other Poems
Esther M. (Clark) Hill
(Cedar Rapids: Torch Press. __)
Page 65

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