Poetry of Kansas


Thanksgiving, Lord, Thanksgiving!
    For the blessings of our days;
For the joy that sings through homely things
    In the common-trodden ways.
For Life and Love and Plenty,
    For laughter and for tears,
For Thy wise plan of good to man,
    Thanksgiving through the years!
For Thy great love that bends above
    The hearts bowed to the sod,
Where Thy slain millions sleep their last,
    We thank Thee, O our God!

Thanksgiving, Lord, Thanksgiving!
    For Thy bounty unto us;
For the gracious yields of ripened fields
    That were so marvelous.
For the summer's golden promise
    That the fruitful autumn bore,
Thy people raise the voice of praise
    Thanksgiving evermore!
Thanksgiving, Lord, Thanksgiving!
    For all Thy ships at sea
That bear afar the brave that are
    In service unto Thee.
Thanksgiving, Lord, Thanksgiving!
    For Thy hosts in every clime
And every land, where e'er they stand,
    Thanksgiving through all time!
For Thy great peace when hates shall cease
    Beneath Thy chastening rod,
For what Thy brave hosts die to win,
    We thank Thee, O our God!

The Call of Kansas and Other Poems
Esther M. (Clark) Hill
(Cedar Rapids: Torch Press. __)
Pages 52-53

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