Poetry of Kansas

My Valentine

When I was just a tiny, blue-ginghamed, pig-tailed miss,
My young affections centered on such a day as This.
I fed my soul on flowery verse and valentine-y frills,
And bandy-legged Cupids gave me most delightful thrills.
But I've outgrown such childishness___no frills and thrills in
          mine !
I want a million dollars to be my Valentine.
For these were fleeting fancies, and with my tender teens
My tastes grew more expensive, though I kept within my means.
I still was keen on frills and thrills, but with my lengthened
I wanted the hand-painted kind, all done up in a box.
But even for these dear delights today I do not pine:
I want a million dollars to be my Valentine.
And in my early twenties I, yet mindful of the day,
Demanded tokens in a still more mercenary way.
A five-pound box of chocolates would really give me thrills.
Or Beauties at a dollar per, in florist's paper frills.
But these no longer stir my blood to ecstasy divine:
I want a million dollars to be my Valentine.
Romance is dead in me today, and I am thirty-three.
No loves and doves, no hearts and darts, no lacy frills for me!
No five-pound box of chocolates, no roses rare and red___
What little heart I had has formed a merger with my head.
The only thing I think of that would thrill me through
And satisfy my yearnings is___a copper mine or two!
O Postman, bring a railroad, or a trans-Atlantic line,
Or just a million dollars, to be my Valentine!

__Ester M. (Clark) Hill.


The Call of Kansas and Other Poems
Esther M. (Clark) Hill
(Cedar Rapids: Torch Press. __)
Page 14

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