Poetry of Kansas


Good-night, my dear! The long day died
    In sunset's afterglow;
The faint, far candles of the sky
    Were lighted long ago.
How brave they shine on me and mine
    From out that field of blue!
And one, a-far, points where you are,
    And watches over you.
Good-night, my dear! Across the dark
    I send my love to you,
And may your sleep be sweet and deep
    And all your dreams come true.
And may there be one dream of me,
    To keep my memory bright,
Lest you forget I love you yet,
    And so, my dear, good-night!

__Ester M. (Clark) Hill.


The Call of Kansas and Other Poems
Esther M. (Clark) Hill
(Cedar Rapids: Torch Press. __)
Page 15

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