Poetry of Kansas

A Song For Arcady

O we were happy in Arcady
      When the days were fair and cool,
And the water shivered beneath the sun
      On the breast of the quiet pool.
And the little brown birds looked down and sang
      As wisely as if they knew
We two were Maying in Arcady,
      We two,
            We two,
                  We two.
A friendly road and an open sky
      And a kindly forest shade:
In the tender moods of these solitudes
      The peace of a soul was made.
But the hint of summer was on the land,
      And we harked to the little wren:
"Will the spring come back to Arcady,
                Again ?"
There's a breath of May in the bland, sweet air
      Of the morning, young and wan;
The promise of beauty is everywhere,
      But the peace of a soul is gone.
For one must go and one must stay,
      As it ever has been before,
And the spring comes back to Arcady,
      No more,
            No more,
                  No more.

__Ester M. (Clark) Hill.


The Call of Kansas and Other Poems
Esther M. (Clark) Hill
(Cedar Rapids: Torch Press. __)
Page 39

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