Poetry of Kansas

Preston B. Plumb.

OH, man of strong, indomitable will,
Oh, friend of earnest, sympathetic heart,
Oh, statesman, void of politician's art,
Oh, patriot: mid the unfaithful, loyal still,
Who now his honored place can take and fill?
In country, or in city's busy mart,
Can any where be found his counterpart?
A man thro whose great spirit went a thrill
At tale of woe, whose very life was spent
For good of all; who with an open hand
His kindly benefactions ever lent.
The hearts and homes of many thro the land
For him are with an unfeigned sorrow rent,
Whose name will o'er his compeers ever stand.

__J. M. Cavaness.


Poems by Two Brothers
A. A. B. Cavaness & J. M. Cavaness
(Chetopa: J. M. Cavaness and Son. 1896)
Page 73

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