Poetry of Kansas

The Old Front Gate.

LONG years ago one summer night,
   As stars shone with a gentle light,
I leaned upon the old front gate,
The old, old story to relate.

   The old front gate, the old front gate,
   What sweet, sad tales you could relate;
   If you had ears and voice as well,
   What wondrous secrets you could tell.

With love-light beaming in her eye
More brightly than the stars on high,
She whispered words that sealed my fate,
As we leaned on that old front gate.

Like things of earth thro time's decay,
That old front gate has passed away,
But as the years have swiftly flown,
Two hearts in love have stronger grown.

And ever since that night so late,
We've journeyed toward the pearly gate,
And be the portal near or far,
Sweet love is still our guiding star.

__J. M. Cavaness.

Poems by Two Brothers
A. A. B. Cavaness & J. M. Cavaness
(Chetopa: J. M. Cavaness and Son. 1896)
Pages 48-49

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