Poetry of Kansas


WHAT is the secret of her eyes,
      Whereat my spirit helpless bends,
Where burns my heart in sacrifice
      But for the pain hath sweet amends?

What is the secret of her face
      That lends the day a softer light?
When fate doth rob me of its grace
      I wander in a starless night.

What is the secret of her song,
      In whose enchantment linger I
With trembling heart that hath no tongue
      To speak its sense of melody?

What is the secret of her soul
      That mine forever at her feet
Can never fly the silken thrall
      That life or death, for her, makes sweet?

__A. A. B. Cavaness.

Poems by Two Brothers
A. A. B. Cavaness & J. M. Cavaness
(Chetopa: J. M. Cavaness and Son Co. 1896)
Page 62

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