Poetry of Kansas

The Kansas Pioneers

(To Mr. and, Mrs. L. C. Shepard)
Dear Pioneers: God's noblest heritage
To our fair state. I pen this ode to you,
For you were here, when first I saw the light
And then as now walked with the good and true,
The greed for wealth that blights the best in all
Who bend the ear to its deceptive tongue
Has failed to lure you from your lowly home
Where first you came, when you in years were young.
About your home the robin and the wren
The martin, noisy, blackbird, and the dove,
Have nested each succeeding year in peace
And sang to you their songs of joy and love;
And when the virgin sod was laid in strips,
By the slow oxen of the pioneers,
The meadow lark at morn on joyous wing
Burst forth in sweetness to delighted ears.
To you Dear Friends who love fair Kansas now
To you Dear Friends who loved fair Kansas then
To you who toiled 'mid hardships and the drouth
Toiled on until the rains came back again
To you, who helped the needy and distressed
And taught the way of love and duty here
I pen this ode to you; God's heritage
His greatest gift; the Kansas Pioneer.

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 42

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