Poetry of Kansas


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
    1Riders of the Pony Express
    2The Never Say Die and the Clouds
    3Speaking of Riley
    4Bill Crickett's Soft Snap
    5A Tramp's Soliloquy
    4Bill Crickett's Soft Snap
    7Zeb Squat's Head
    8The Old White Tent
    9The Dreamer That Wins
  10A Cyclone Story
  12Salesmanship "Let Prospects Talk Too."
  13The Precious Friends
  14Baby Sister
  15The Ladder of Success
  16Pat McGee's Hint
  17Dreaming of My Kansas Home
  18Backward, Turn Backward
  19This Jim Hustler Feller
  20Kansas Day, January 29, 1932
  21To A Cardinal
  22Beautiful Ozarks
  23In Kansas
  24Jim And Me
  26What Is A Good Traveling Man Worth?
  28The Hi Lewis Train
  29Our Highway Toll
  30When You Part From The Girl That Calls You "Dad"
  31The Battle of the Breakers
  32Measure Yourself
  33The Auctioneer
  34The Little Old Town Where I Live
  35What Makes June
  36Ambitious Eph
  37On The Street Car
  38Snaps, Old Man Blunt Speaks His Piece
  39The Rovers Welcome
  40The Village Doctor's Wife
  41A Wee Little Treelet
  42The Kansas Pioneers
  43Tillie and Her Tots
  44Answer Oh Woods And Stream!
  44The Answer
  46Welcome The Birds To Your Yard
  47When Kindred Minds Commune
  48Variety-The Spice of Life
  49The Silent School House
  50Early Day Reminiscences
  51Uncle Josh Follows Doc's Prescription
  52Jack. Now General John J. Pershing
  53Assessor O'Denty
  54Five Pennies--A Boy--A Tramp--A Dog
  55Kansas Invites You
  56The Average Man
  57Mud Pies
  57Dog, Cat And Man
  58The Little Patch of Wildwood
  59Twilight Musings
  60That There Year O' 36
  61Molly and John
  62Zeb Dubbins
  64Aunt Rhapsody's Divorce
  65Pat McGee on Habius Corpus vs. Hic Jacet
  66Grandpa's Cane
  67The Billfold Sign
  68Our Bird Helpers
  69Mother Come Here!
  70Keep The Quality Up
  71Reddy Dissent At The Hospital
  71Mrs. Wren's Friend
  72Off For A Week In The Ozarks
  73The Penalty
  74Our Town Fair
  75Grandpa Loses His Pipe
  76Flora, The Goddess Of Flowers
  77The Nut House
  78Pho-Be! Pho-be!
  79Early Weather Predictions And Family Cures
  80The Merchant's Bonehead Day
  81The Romance of Sally M'dee and Reddy O'lee
  82Cheer Em Up Dinty
  83Prayer of the Lambs
  84Uncle Hugh's Fate
  85The Rio Grande Valley
  86The Little Old Man With A Hump
  87The Roar of the Seas
  87Young Shep Shows Spot How To Scare Trucks Away
  88Riley Week At Indianapolis
  90Uncle Mose On Now And Then
  91The Boozer Reforms
  91Some Signs And A Tip
  92Our Scenery Spoilers
  93The March Winds
  94The Rich Man
  94Kansas Cyclones
  95Pike's Peak
  95Their Work Is Done
  96The Camping Days
  97Rufus' Compliment
  98Gran'pa Dud and Gran'ma Sue Write They Are "Setting' Purty!"
  99High School Graduates
  99The Steadfast Friend
100The Antique Home
101Buried Faults
102Life's Friendships
104Which--Dandelions or Dust?
105The Welcome Rain
106Autumn's Friends
107When Mother's Gone
108Tom Steady Has Friends
109The Night Before Starting To The Northern Lakes
110Mr. And Mrs. Dillon
112The Dandelion
113The Nodding Sunflowers
114In This Here Little Town
115When Coolidge Was President
116Fathers Day!
117An Appeal For Bill To Return
118Home Economics
119Nature's Color Scheme
121Mr. RedBird's Influence vs. Mr. Robin's
123The Mysterious Stranger Visits Hillside
136Pioneer Banker And Client
137The Future Man And Woman
138Our Modest Home--The Lilacs
139Ambition's Goal
140Garden Time
142Diversified Farming
143This Pole And Line Fishing
144The Fisher
145Harvest Time In Kansas
146All On Account Of Betsy
147Spot's Wit Wins The Bone
148The Author
149October's Heritage
150On The Death of James Whitcomb Riley
151Let Us Spray!
152Little Dorothy At The Phone
153The Linch Pin Wagon
154Where Bull Creek Bends And Curves Around
156How The Seasons Fly
157Birch Lake
159Buster, Only A Dog
161The Reunion After Fifty Years On The Old School Grounds
162Billy And I Camping Dreams
163Spot Tells How!
164The Ice On The Pond Of Dreams
164Outraged Justice
165Robin's Song On Blue Monday
167On The Street Car
167Be Game
169Hanner Won't Sign
170You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
171Nature Lovers
172Aunt Becky's Pets
173Where Asking Why Gives Right To Stay
174Tim's Chaperones At The Circus
175The Trees
176Santa's Visit, 1903
177Spot Makes A Hit With Mrs. Wren
178The Plodders Win
179Vivian Brown
180Tom M'Neal
180Little Marie Tells When Easter Comes
181What Measures Our Worth
182Welcome Thr Bird To You Yard
184When The Baby Carriage Comes
185The Moo Cow
187Shep Felt Disgrace On Pulling A Boner
187Wee Doris Punishes Kitty
188The Old Orchard
189Lazy August--Fair September
190Tabby Gets The Mouse
191Mother Love
192The Flood's Challenge Met
193A Greeting When A Friend Has Returned
194The I.O.O.F. Sign
196Doing The Neighborly Thing
196Bobby's Bridge
197Partners: Old Mr. Toad And Uncle Rastus
198Betty Tells Her Troubles to Santa
199The Home-Coming Picnic
200Ohio Day, 1939--At Spring Hill, Kans.
201Spelling "Right", Gives Tim A Headache
202Johnny Jones and Katy Lee
203Marie, "Almost Four"
205Old Mr. Butterfly Explains
206The Passing of the Old Home
207The Old Year and the New
208We'll Be Thinking of You
208Life's Problems
209The Senior Class Graduates
210The Fat Man's Burden
211Auction Bridge
212Some Signs of Spring
213The Golden Wedding

Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill: New Era Publishing. 1939)

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