Poetry of Kansas

Beyond the Sea.

I wished to see the lands of old,
The land of knights and heroes bold:
So with God-speed from friends at home,
I crossed the billowy ocean,
And saw on Erin's lovely shore
The scenes my ancestors loved of yore.
But cruel laws have made her sad.
No more her minstrel sings his lays,
No more the harp of tara plays,
For her flag is in the dust
And her children exiled beyond the sea,
But live in peace in the land of the free.
O sorrowful isle of the ocean,
Then England's stately shore I viewed,
Where dukes and princes hold their sway.
Bonnie Scotland next I tried,
Sailed upon the beauteous Clyde,
Where grand and ancient castles stand;
Scaled rugged mountains proud and high,
That seemed to tower against the sky.
 The forests old, the glens and dells,
 The beautiful flowers, the sweet heather bells
 O lovely land of the thistle.
 But 'mid these scenes for home I yearned,
 And back across the sea returned,
 Back to the land that gave me birth,
 The land of every land the peer;
 To my country's love I'll e'er be true
 And loyal for aye to the red, white and blue,
 O glorious land,of liberty.

__Mary A. Cogan.

Poets and Poetry of Kansas
Edited by Thomas W. Herringshaw
(Chicago: American Publishers' Association. 1894)
Page 106

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