Stylized Sunflower   Autumn  Stylized Sunflower

Philip Krohn

Now the shadows lengthen early,
    And the birds that with us stay,
Ill at ease and anxious seeming,
    Sing not as they do in May;
For the winds suggest the keenness
    Of the winter days so nigh,
And the trees stand bare and lonely
    As the leaves drop off and die.
Now the squirrels are most busy,
    Whisking here and leaping there;
Gleam their colors in the sunlight,
    Sounds their chatter on the air;
And with busy feet and restless
    Lay they up their winter store,
Against the time when snow will cover
    Sheltered wood and open moor.        
Now the denseness of the forest
    Lessens as the days speed by,
And, in search of game, the sportsman
    Listens to the quail's lone cry.
Collection of Kansas Poetry
Compiled by Miss Hattie Horner
(Topeka: 1891)
page 91
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