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  • KANSAS! magazine - Lovely quarterly publication from the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing
  • Kansas Wildlife - Beautiful bi-monthly publication from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
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  • Country Boys Carriage & Prairie Adventures - Pioneer weekends, day trips: ride in a covered wagon; see the Kansas Flinthills.
  • Creek Water Wool Works - In Dexter: classes about, and unique items for, weaving, spinning, and quilting.
  • Kansas Flint Hills - "The Flint Hills are an incredible, wonderful, almost magical place. There's no other place like it".
  • Kansas West - Travel the Black Dog Trail in Cowley County, in a wagon or on horseback, to a campfire cookout.
  • Vonada Stone Company - close to Sylvan Grove: has been making products out of Post Rock limestone since 1986
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